Card Programs

Impact is your single source for card production and personalization. Whether you need a standard CR80 card or a custom-designed “card/keyfob/mailer with glitter and a mag stripe”, our comprehensive production program will give you the design your customers crave and project execution and on-time delivery you want.

Allow us to demonstrate unique combinations of our capabilities and special effects listed below. In the end, you will have a stand-out card program. We guarantee it.


We offer UV offset and UV screen printing. Cards can be Surface Printed or Hydraulically Laminated – with or without Mag Stripe and Signature Panels. We offer top of the line Optically Punched or Steel Rule Die-cut cards. All functions are in-house for tight control.

Treatments & Special Effects

  • High Polish / Matte Lamination effects
  • Metallics and Pearlescents
  • Glitters
  • Spot Gloss
  • Mag Stripes – LOCO, HICO, Custom colored mag stripes available
  • Signature Panels – white, clear or colored
  • Clear Core stocks or Colored Core stocks
  • “Green” card options, including PLA cards

Personalization & Fulfillment

If your card program requires personalization or fulfillment, we are ready to help with the following services:


  • UV DOD Inkjet with encoding and labeling
  • Embossing with encoding
  • Thermal Imaging with encoding


  • Affixing
  • Drop Shipments
  • Distribution
  • Fulfillment

Die-Cutting Templates

Description                                                   Dimensions                                    Download

  • CR 80                                                           3.375″ x 2.125″                                 PDF
  • CR 80 with mag stripe on top                          3.375″ x 2.125″                                 PDF
  • CR 80 with mag stripe on bottom                     3.375″ x 2.125″                                PDF
  • Double Key Fob                                             2.25″ x 2.125″                                  PDF
  • CR 80 Single Key Fob                                    4.5″ x 2.125″                                    PDF
  • CR 80 Single Key Fob                                    4.3125″ x 2.125″                               PDF
  • CR 80 Double Key Fob                                   5.25″ x 2.125″                                  PDF
  • CR 80 Triple Key Fob                                     6.1875″ x 2.125″                               PDF
  • Double CR 80 with lanyard holes                    3.375″ x 4.25″                                   PDF
  • Stacked CR 80 with Triple Key Fob                 3.375″ x 4.25″                                   PDF
  • M6                                                                3.375″ x 4.875″                                PDF
  • Double Key Fob, Single CR 80 Mailer               4″ x 8.5″                                        PDF